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Who We Work With

Who We Work With

At Hansch Financial Group, we often work with high net worth clients who are looking for a financial advisor who will guide them, offer them honest feedback, and partner with them to manage their assets.

We enjoy working with clients who are committed to pursuing their goals and who understand the values of working with a financial advisor. Our goal is to build trusted and long-lasting relationships with them that span generations.

While we work with a diverse group of clients, many of them are business owners, executives/professionals, retired couples, or widows. Having frequently worked with these clients, we understand the many decisions and concerns they face.

Our Client Commitment

At Hansch Financial Group, our vision is to be trusted by our clients for our professional knowledge, integrity, and personalized service. Our mission is to inspire our clients in making informed decisions through education, communication, and service, which exceeds their expectations.

We are committed to:

  1. Upholding our vision and mission
  2. Always doing what is in our clients’ best interests
  3. Acting proactively when we see opportunities to help our clients
  4. Investing time to educate our clients
  5. Treating our clients with respect and personalized attention
  6. Acknowledging any mistakes we make and solving them immediately

Business Owner/Executive

Working with business owners, we bring our own family business insights. Like many of the clients that we serve, we have faced the challenges of transition from one generation to the next. Beyond identifying how and to whom they should pass on their business, they are often concerned with gracefully exiting the business.

With this client group, we work to identify their specific assets and liabilities, and then help design a business succession plan in coordination with developing strategies for funding and maintaining their financial independence.


Of the families we work with, many are couples transitioning into or living in retirement. Their priorities are maintaining a consistent retirement income, ensuring they have an estate plan in place, and better understanding Social Security and Medicare.

Our goal is to help retirees and pre-retirees feel confident in their financial future and pursue their vision of a successful retirement. Beyond assisting with retirement and estate planning, we offer advice on Social Security claiming strategies and the common questions regarding Medicare.


The loss of a spouse is a devastating life event, whether expected or unexpected. Beyond the emotional turmoil experienced, they also often face a number of financial issues with which they may be unfamiliar. Often, one of their biggest concerns is outliving their assets or becoming a burden to their children.

We can offer a number of resources and assistance to these clients as a result of our comprehensive planning and asset management services. Our clients appreciate that we bring a team of advisors who assist in organizing, analyzing, and guiding them through their retirement years.

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