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Hansch Financial

Values Based Financial Advisor



Hansch Financial Group is a fee-based advisory firm specializing in

Values-Based Financial Planning
Customized Wealth Management Solutions

As fee-based planners, John Hansch and David Hansch are compensated in three ways:

  • We charge a flat fee for creating written financial plans and personal financial websites.
  • We earn fees, based on a percentage of the value of your accounts under investment management.
  • We are compensated by commissions for insurance products and some investments, such as 529 plans for funding education, that don’t qualify for our normal fee-based investment platforms.

We seek to work in a way most advantageous to your individual needs. For complete financial plans, we require a 50% retainer to begin work, with the balance due upon delivery of the plan. Plan updates are recommended at least annually.

You are always free to implement our advice by purchasing securities or insurance products from any broker or advisor that you choose. However, if you decide to implement our advice through Hansch Financial Group, our securities broker/dealer is Independent Financial Group. (Independent Financial Group.) and we will earn normal fees or commissions, as explained above, from any transactions placed through Independent Financial Group, on your behalf.

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