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Why I Became a Financial Advisor

Why I Became a Financial Advisor

| November 19, 2016

When both your dad and uncle are financial advisors and run a business together, some people assume you’ll follow the same path. But growing up, I didn’t necessarily know what I wanted to do with my career. I attended the University of the Pacific to study social sciences. After I graduated, it was time to figure out what was next.

Searching for a Change

My first job out of college was in construction. A year into the job of digging ditches and lifting rocks, I told myself there had to be a better way through life. There had to be a way to work in a job you loved and in which you felt fulfilled. (I imagine my parents were also nudging me to make proper use of the college education they had paid for).

One day, I decided it was time to take a leap of faith. I quit my construction job for an entry level position at the family business. I started with small office tasks and paperwork and, nearly 40 years later, I co-manage the firm with my brother, John, and head up Hansch Financial Service’s Orange County office.

Discovering My Passion

I’ve met many different people over the past decades, each with unique needs, circumstances, and values. But one common thread is their desire for comfort and confidence. They want to know they can trust their advisor to be honest and forthright with them, offer personalized recommendations that meet their needs and be available for advice or support.

This is the role I strive to fulfill for every client I serve. I combine my experience and advanced knowledge as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and holding the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® designation with my genuine commitment to service. The result is what I believe to be a highly personalized and holistic financial planning process.

I get to know as much as I can about a person and their family before diving into the financial aspects. I want to know how they feel about their financial circumstances, what scares them, and what they dream of achieving. While the average advisor may not want to dedicate so much time to this discovery process, I think it’s essential. It helps me be a better advisor for my clients and recommend them strategies that stay in line with their values.

My Motivation

Even after 40 years in the business, I can’t imagine being in any other industry. I take pride in my ability to build robust and long-lasting relationships with so many families. Getting to be a part of their lives and seeing them accomplish their goals is an incredible feeling. There’s nothing more fulfilling than developing a rapport with someone in the early stages of working together. By gaining clients’ confidence, I can dig deeper and help them with their financial needs.

Ultimately, I hope I can provide all of my clients confidence knowing I am looking out for their best interests. If you’re looking for financial advice or aren’t sure if you’re on the right track toward your objectives, I invite you to reach out to me. Based in Orange County, I largely work with clients in San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, San Clemente, Laguna Niguel, and Cota de Caza, but technology allows me to work with people across the country. If you’re interested in learning more about values-based financial planning, call me at (949) 661-5225 or email me at

About Hansch Financial Group

Hansch Financial Group is a fee and commission based financial services firm led by brothers David K. Hansch, CFP®(holds the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor designation) and W. John Hansch, MBA. As Values-Based Financial Planners™, David and John focus on intertwining a client’s values and personal goals into a personalized financial roadmap. Through this holistic approach, they seek to help clients improve their long-term financial success and reach their desired destination. With offices in San Diego and Orange County, they serve clients locally in Southern California, as well as remotely throughout the country. To learn more, visit