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Does Someone You Know Need a Financial Second Opinion?

Does Someone You Know Need a Financial Second Opinion?

| August 24, 2017

Whether you scour stock exchange reports daily or just check on your investments monthly, you probably know the markets have been especially volatile and confusing these last few years. As a result, even the most patient of investors may start to question the strength of their investment plan.

Beyond economic changes, personal life changes can also alter financial priorities. Many of us may wish to explore different financial strategies to double check that our current plan is still the best fit.

Does this sound like the situation of someone you know? If so, a financial second opinion could make the world of difference.

Is It Time for a Financial Check-Up?

You can think of a second opinion as a financial check-up, just like an annual physical or eye exam you’d get from your doctor. Meeting with your friend or family member, I’ll take the time to get to know them and their unique financial situation, ask them to outline their financial goals, and review their current plan, 401(k), investment portfolio, insurance policies, and more. This allows me to determine where they stand and where they want to be so that we are on the same page with their objectives.

I’ll also answer any questions they may have about the market, strategies, or basic financial tips and principles. Then, I can apply their concerns, ideas, and aims to their current plan to see how everything lines up.

The Benefits of a Financial Check-Up

Once I have a thorough overview of their financial picture, we can work together to reevaluate and readjust. If I think their investments, insurance, etc. continue to be well suited to their long-term goals despite the market turmoil, I’ll gladly tell them so and send them on their way.

If on the other hand, I think their plan no longer fits their goals, I’ll explain why in a way they can understand. And, if they’d like, I’ll recommend some alternatives. It may be that minor adjustments are needed based on their age, current economic woes, or a change in priorities and plans. As someone who understands the multifaceted financial worries people face as they approach retirement, I strive to help people find financial balance and experience fulfillment in life.

It never hurts to take a second look at their financial plan to ensure that it is up-to-date, still applicable to all aspects of their life, and ideally suited to achieve their long-term dreams. Regardless of the outcome of our second look, I hope they will have full confidence in me, their decisions, and their financial plan.

Do You Know Someone Who Would Benefit?

Many of my clients are referrals other clients have made. Over the years, I’ve built strong and long-lasting relationships with my clients who not only trust me to manage their money, but also trust me enough to refer their loved ones to me. I think the highest compliment you can give me is to let someone else know about your exceptional experience working with Hansch Financial Group. I value my clients and want to take the time to get to know each individual I work with on a personal level.

If you know someone who would benefit from a financial second opinion, send them my way and let me help them evaluate where they are now, determine where they would like to go, and address any gaps that may be apparent. Or, if you think you yourself would gain from a financial check-up, contact my office today by emailing me at or calling 858-350-4350.

About Hansch Financial Group

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